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firefox If a telemarketer or phone solicitor calls you, type the number into the blank at the left. Then, you can submit a complaint about the caller. This updates our list with the latest information.

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June 5

100,000 Solicitors Identified Wow! With your support, our site has become one of the UK's largest phone spam repositories, adding new telemarketer numbers every day of the week. Thanks, and please keep visiting the site.

Aug 30

10,000 Blocked Phone Numbers now has a database of more than 10,000 phone numbers provided by users. That means our database is becoming even more useful for blocking inbound sales calls.

Jul 21

VOIP-Asterisk Integration has publicly released sample code for blocking telemarketers using the popular Asterisk PBX system. The integration takes less than 15 minutes.

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0845 1112735 - Bob Virgin Sales call (spam). Calls multiple times per day. Leaves no messages and when eventually answered asked for password so refused to give it unless they confirmed they were Virgin, but didn't. After calling central Virgin number it was assumed it ...


01638 599263 - JJ fed up with this silent call - have now put them on ban list - when they do speak they are unable to speak english


0161 7110320 - Mike I have received several calls from this number. Either I hear office noises in the background and they hang up when I give my name without saying anything, or else I hear a computer tone followed by a computer-generated voice saying 'Goodbye'. I find ...


01842 642017 - S . Miller Had this call asking for B Miller my husband, he wasn't in asked if I could help was told inno uncertain terms that no I couldn't. I have now purchased a phone where I can block numbers this being one of them, the number still shows but it doesnt rin ...


01392 275975 - Charles Black My number is ex-directory and listed with the Telephone Preference Service yet I keep getting calls from this number - which is intercepted by my answer machine. When I did accidentally answer - expecting someone else - it is an automated call trying ...