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Installing PhoneSpamFilter on Your Asterisk PBX

firefox integrates seamlessly with Asterisk. All you need to do is make some minor modifications to your extensions.conf file, and install a php script in your agi-bin directory. Below are the required files.


  • Asterisk 1.2 or later
  • PHP
  • Curl

To install PhoneSpamFilter on your PBX, download the following sample files:

  • extensions.conf - A sample dialplan with comments.
  • phonespamfilter.php - Install into your agi-bin directory, usually /var/lib/asterisk/agi-bin.
  • PHPAGI - A simple toolkit for integrating PHP with Asterisk. Also install into your agi-bin directory. The system has been tested with version 2.14.

If you develop a different or innovative way to use PhoneSpamFilter with Asterisk, feel free to submit it to us, and we will consider it for inclusion on this page.