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01269 849064 - Ellen On the phone for 49 seconds today and I patiently listened and then said - VERY POLITELY - “thank you, but I do not wish to participate in a marketing call”. This was met with “it’s not a sales call!!!... why Ellen??!!!.... what’s wrong?? W ...


01267 768999 - David Say they are from Openreach but a call centre saying I have virus


0818 6497018 - Anonymous Phone, never speak and hang up


01603 488215 - Mister Smith This was a call from Anglia Improvements giving a phoney address to talk to the client...I simply said wrong number and replaced the phone. Mrs smith then answered a further call asking if this was the dogs home....1471 revealed the same number: 0160 ...


020 30693062 - Michael Causer Missed this call so dialled back but number doesn't exist. Spammer spoofing their number. This was shortly after a call from the country Chad which is known to be a scam