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01242 210591 - kim willis How can I stop this number being called from my BT landline? I stopped using ADT many years ago because this was continually happening and now it has started again and I don't even have an account with ADT


01201 54308 - Colwyn A man with an asian accent, calling himself John, said that he was calling from Talktalk. When I said that I doubted that he was from Talktalk, he hung up. Does the provided of this telephone number know that it is being used in this way?


028 95815686 - Jim Pye Menacing threats given by female automated voice purporting to come from HMRC.i


01964 530752 - A Benson This showed up on my phone as an international number


0845 0810053 - Colin I too see this phantom call on my log which I did not make. Shortly after my SIM failed to register and I had to contact O2 to reconnect.