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0161 4643571 - Janis Called to tell me about a road accident, but I've never had one and when I said so they put the phone down.


01268 297675 - Linda This is Marbles, a credit card company. I do have a card with them but they asked me to confirm my name and way! They should be confirming that information with me not the other way round. They lady sounded grumpy and not at all professi ...


0897 9047081 - Roy Walker Called as I was just going out. Hung up when I started to speak in Spanish.


01582 448070 - Mrs S Potter These people just keep ringing every day sometimes more than once. I do not answer but I am getting fed up with it. They do not leave a message or a text. I do not know anyone in Luton or surrounding area. I would very much like to know who it is ...


0518 1665685 - Terry Clare scam call saying my phone and internet would be cut off within 24 hours so ring the above no. to prevent.