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0870 6020291 - Bob This is possibly your alarm system checking that the connection is still valid


01543 276598 - harry Fraudsters try to steal peoples money. report them to the authorities! Do NOt listen to a word they tell you. Just abuse them!!


01800 154454 - sandra A voice message saying they are HMRC and that there is something against my name and to press 1 to call the person who is handling the complaint.


01638 101000 - Eddee Called to tell me they had a delivery ready. Explained they had the wrong number so they tried to ask me who I was to make sure this was true. Spam/fishing call


0843 5672236 - Jonny Rang twice. Shows as missed call. No message left. It could have been a missed opportunity of a lifetime like a free i-pad... or if I gave them my bank details I could invest in a business in Nigeria!