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World follows UK's telemarketing example

2007-02-22 08:00:00

Bad practice and self-regulation must be improved within the UK's direct marketing industry so that the rest of the world will follow, according to one marketing expert.

Martin Bradbury, who runs EuroDirect, says that the UK's traditional self-regulatory approach has moved closer towards a stringent, externally controlled system over the course of a few years.

Things like the Telephone Preference Service which means consumers must opt-in before being targeting by telemarketers means that direct marketing is no longer a nuisance or misused by some.

Mr Bradbury wrote to Brand Republic: "Direct marketing trade bodies and marketing organisations with influence should seize the initiative and redefine self regulation."

He added that it is not enough that marketers lobby the government for an acceptance of unethical direct marketing practices because the UK should seize the chance to lead the rest of the world into a best practice approach to direct marketing.

In Australia the new Do Not Call register has been flooded with about four million households wanting to join due to dissatisfied experiences with telemarketers in the past.

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