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Telemarketing 'can be profitable for businesses when done well'

2008-03-14 08:00:00

A leading commentator on the direct marketing industry has stated that telemarketing can be "extremely profitable" for businesses who perform it well.

Susan Campbell, who is a contributing editor to TMC.Net, has stated that careful design and research into the aims of a campaign can ensure that the use of telemarketing is a success.

In a column on the website, she added that response rates for the marketing technique are generally higher than that of other promotional types.

She wrote: "Using telemarketing services can also allow the opportunity for companies to up sell and cross sell telemarketing customers with new products and offerings.

"In addition, to help reduce the cost of telemarketing services, companies can jointly run a campaign and off sell the cost with multiple up sells and cross sells."

Ms Campbell's comments were recently echoed by the Chartered Institute of Marketing's press officer Ray Jones.

He stated that telemarketing is increasingly effective when it is targeted at the right audience.

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