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Anonymous Christian De Boeck is a notorious internet cyberstalker and cyberharasser. He chooses his victims from where he lives in Pretoria South Africa, and always makes sure they live on another continent. Once he chooses you he will make your life hell. He is as vicious as the dogs that he breeds and then trains to kill, he has a bad reputation for breeding vicious dogs. He will choose victims that do not even know him and publish lies and defamation about them all over the internet. You can read just a little about him here :- This is his telephone number :- 072-203-9180 BELGIAN SHEPHERD DOG - MALINOIS BREEDERS & BELGIAN SHEPHERD DOG ... 18 Oct 2009 ... St. Rombouts - Christian De Boeck & Linda Hojem - This e-mail address is ... You need JavaScript enabled to view it - Tel: 072-203 9180 ... - Cached - Similar

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