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0113 2104100 - Complaint Log

6 Complaints

01132104100 - 0113 210 4100 - 0113 2104 100


Mike This number has called my mobile 8 time in one day, no one answers, very annoying. This type of telephone calling should be banned!!!!!!!


Shaun This number keeps ringing my mobile, never anyone there when I answer and no reply when I ring back. This is getting on my nerves, wish I could ring and annoy them


A2Z This number has called my mobile 5 times, no message is ever left. It is very annoying


Steve Garner I've had 14 calls from this number in a fortnight. Like the others, I've tried ringing back on a landline only to hear a message stating there's no reply. I have it logged on my reject list which means my phone no longer rings, but it stills shows as a missed call. The next step is to have the number blocked altogether. It's all really annoying.


ken this number has rung my mobile twice. No answer when you ring back. Have barred it.


HJB1970 Rung my mobile twice now, no-one there when I answer. When I try to ring back it just cuts off.

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