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0113 2122990 - Complaint Log

10 Complaints

01132122990 - 0113 212 2990 - 0113 2122 990


Roger Ring up on average 4-5 times a day. Don't leave message on answerphone. Call as early as 8-15 & as late as 21-00 hrs.


Anonymous Totally peeeeed with this number calling my home phone its got to where they are comming through from 7.30 am untill around night. up to 8 times a day some times with in 5 minutes of each other what ever happend to my paying BT for x directory if they go and sell my number on to these twats. Wish i could go round there house and piss them off all day. a real total pain in the arse. these fims have to be stoped its real hasstle running to the phone just to see that its that same number all day and night.


steve carrington Ring up on average 4-5 times a day won't leave message on answerphone as early as 8-15 & as late as 21-00 hrs. SUNDAYS AS WELL


Jason Really nasty ignorant people who call from this number. It's a call centre used by Capital One. They emply forieners to hassle people by constantly ringing your number, up to 4 times every day asking for your date of birth. Never give personal information to them! Tell them to stop calling you or you'll pass it onto the Police and OfCom.


P Campbell Calls my number at least once a day, never leaves message, if I pick up it's always a silent call. Seems it Capital One and I don't have any account with them, so will ensure I never do and will advise everyone to avoid.


Trevor Coe Phoned several times claiming to be Capital One & asking for my DOB.. Sent them packing.


mike rang then hung up, constantly engaged when trying to call back


mick hasseling about an account i do not have, unpleasent and rude

9:20AM We dont have an account with them but they claim we do and when I asked for evidence they can't send me any.


big john trouble me everyday with unpaid ntl cable bills.

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