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0113 2230180 - Complaint Log

4 Complaints

01132230180 - 0113 223 0180 - 0113 2230 180


S Just got the same message from O2 that I have a missed call. They couldn't have called me for more than 2 seconds since my phone is right in front of me. Please STOP


Chris Fox Mine from the same number are allegedly from O2. Not only phone the house but text message me saying to disable this dial 901, press * then then option 4, and option 5. If i do that it will automatically call the number. I am reporting it to the police and action fraud. Suggest you all do!


Audrey This number keeps phoning our telephone number, usually several times a day, please STOP


Ben This number has been ringing over the last month or so. One Saturday morning it rang us non-stop for about an hour. I have now blocked it, but have to pay £3 a month for the privilege of doing so.

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