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0113 2355019 - Complaint Log

2 Complaints

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Marie Urnevitch This company called the company that I worked for this morning trying to speak to a particular manager who is on holiday. The caller was rude to staff when they struggled to transfer the call to be but still our staff member took the callers name & number and passed it to me for a call back. I called - turns out they are marketeers looking to get the contracts to supply our photocopiers. When I queried their methods and tactics that person was rude to me and said she was going to remove us from their database (success without me even asking!) and she is going to write to my company about me because I challenged her about what they actually wanted. Beware - very shady and don't even give their company name when they answer the phone. when I asked why the person said to me "I don't tell you how to run your company so don't tell me how to run mine".


Christine Conder I received a call this morning at 11:32am on 15.4.11 from a lady. She was trying to speak with an Andrew Groves who had not worked at the company for approx 4 years and had not dealt with Facilites for approx 7. As a no names policy company I was unable to put her through to the new facilities manager and advised her that unfortunately I wasunable to put her through. She then became abusive and asked me 'whats wrong with your fingers then?' in a very aggressive tone. I advised her that I would be putting the phone down as I did not have to tolerate this kind of attitude to which she shouted down the phone, again in a very aggressive manner, that we had her photocopiers and they would come and take them out. As a site support adminsitrator, I know who we hire our equipment from so this, in my opinion was an uncalled for barrage of abuse and very threateneing behavior. I therefore would like a written appology from the company employing this person. Whe I called the number back to try and asertain which company was calling, the phone was answered by a Nicola from DFT. Thank you for your assistance in this matter and ilook forward to receiving your reply.

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