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0113 2426969 - Complaint Log

3 Complaints

01132426969 - 0113 242 6969 - 0113 2426 969


Ruth We are sick to death of receiving fax like beeps from this very annoying number today alone over the space of 4 hours 10 calls have been recorded what can we do to have them stopped????


Yvonne Brownsea Day after day over a period of 1-2 hours, we get calls from this number with just a fax sound - today we had around 10 calls in the space of about 30 minutes. We are fed up of this but don't feel we should have to pay to get this nuisance number banned.


Natalie Ward Every night we get about 7 messages on our answer machine. Each message last 27 seconds and there is no message just a fax bleep

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