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0113 2848555 - Complaint Log

13 Complaints

01132848555 - 0113 284 8555 - 0113 2848 555


Bridget Byrne I am constantly called by this number and although I have never answered it I did call it back from a landline and discovered that it is a load of rubbish, trying to sell something I'm not interested in and if I was I would have made my own enquiries. How do these idiots get your private number? Is there anyway they can be stopped? I'm fed up with the calls and always make sure I never answer a call if I don't know the number on the grounds that if it is important and someone I need to speak to they will leave a message.


Emily Thornton This number kept calling me and when I finally answered, I said that I didn't buy anything over the phone and to delete my number from their list. They have just tried to call me again, which I missed, so I'm basically furious that they completely ignored my request. If only everybody would ignore or tell cold callers to go away, businesses might give up this irritating and intruding sales strategy.


Emma D This number has been bothering me they did last year and conned the hell out of me i'm now stuck with a mobile I dont want and debt company on my back its a rip off, luckily this new phone they did give me has something usefull a block setting for individual numbers so if you have a samsung sole you can block their number with out contacting your provider :-)


Keith McNally Same as everyone else. Completely unsolicited call to my mobile. Firtunately I missed it and looked the number up (finding this log of complaints) before even thinking of calling back.


Lester I have been getting enough calls from this number that I decided to see if the number is known - and I ended up here. As others have said, whoever it is hangs up as soon as I answer.


Jo I have received 2 - 4 calls every day from this number for about a week, about the same length of time since I spoke to T mobile about an upgrade on my phone. I haven't answered the call but it's driving me crackers!!!


Carolyn This number keeps ringing my mobile and on the 2 occassions I have bothered to answer it they are silent on the other end and then hang up, I rang the number back from my landline (hiding my number) and got an automated message that was all about upgrades! this is driving me nuts! I think I will ring my provider and get the number barred. :o(


HK Have been receiving daily calls from this number for about 2 weeks, I have just been ignoring it, and not returning the call, seems a bit stupid to ring daily and not leave a message, if they are expecting me to call back and be charged .. they can keep dreaming !! Its bloody annoying and I wish this would stop, you'd think after not answering the call for days they would get the message !!


abi in the past 2 weeks i've had up to 10 calls a day, i've been ignoring it - pressing busy - but it goes off when i'm doing something - and it's gone off at school i've answered just. and silence and i said can you stop ringing me please! and he said - i'm looking for andrew and i hung up anooyyingg or what!?!?!!


HW I have been receiving calls from this number on my 'mobile' for about 4 weeks, usually twice a day!! They never leave a message, and on the 1 occasion I answered, guess what ... They hung up! *Who on earth are they???*

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