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0113 2989890 - Complaint Log

15 Complaints

01132989890 - 0113 298 9890 - 0113 2989 890


Anon Left voicemail, silence for a few minutes! Quite likely a scam from what I've read here.. Unbelievable, they probably want you to call back and will cost premium! Block and.ignore.


Steve Called and no one on line then just hung up. Suspect teh autodialler is over dialling - so annoying


tony byrne The same re get a call nothing so have been in touch with BG and they can deactivate your umber, however if you have a monthly payment plan even if you owe money you should not be receiving these calls, it is only for out standing bills pay quarterly.


Em Oh also ... just a random question but ... i started getting these calls after i closed my account with British Gas, wondered if this is the same for anyone else?


Em I've been receiving calls from this number for the last month now and its getting ridiculous! on the couple of times i have answered all i get is silence! It wouldn't be so bad but these started 3 days after I left the country for a holiday and its done nothing but put a downer on it ... (however i find it a little amusing that everytime i answer it costs them a bomb as im Oz) however because of this im gettin calls all through the night! This number needs sorting and who ever it is needs the phone they're using shoving where the sun dont shine!


Graham McEvoy This number called went to answer and the phone was disconnected went and tried and my operator said that their is no such number


Doug british gas call centre. They want you to pay the bill and will accept a credit card number. Do not give them any payment, the call centre is in India and is not covered by the data protection act. Your credit card details could end up in the wrong hands. Sometimes they leave an automated message on the answerphone, other times there is a three minute hiss.


Elliott These people keep calling for some reason trying sellsomething just ignore them.


Julie This number has phoned me 4 times today so far and it is only 3.40 p.m. I have answered it once and there was no-one there so I have let it go to the answer machine, even then they leave no message just a few minutes of silence - what is the damn point in that??!!!


Karen Received a call this evening at 9PM, re; my British Gas Bill, very weird person on the line, he sounded like an automated voice message first of all. Then wanted my debit card details to pay the JUST o/s bill.... like I would give him my bank account details over the phone. I'll be calling British Gas first thing to complain, hot a happy bunny at all; he woke my one year old little girl!!!!! Oh, we did 1471 and this is the number we got - tried to call the number back to see if it really was British Gas - the number doesn't work.....

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