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0113 3015500 - Complaint Log

4 Complaints

01133015500 - 0113 301 5500 - 0113 3015 500


Duncan I've had three calls from this number. If they call you put them on hold and go and make a cup of tea...


Teresa Abbott this number keeps calling i am exdirectory and this call comes through my BT talk phone who gave out my number


AHW_FILEY 01133015500. This is a power (gas / electricity) comparison company obviously based in Leeds. It came through on my BroadBandTalk number which can only have been sold on by BT without my permission and I'm damned annoyed about it.


JM This number calls several times a day and hangs up when you answer. Many other people on other forums have the same problem. When you try to ring back the number the line goes dead. It is getting very annoying as it rings the phone every day!

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