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0113 3086000 - Complaint Log

6 Complaints

01133086000 - 0113 308 6000 - 0113 3086 000


anonymous They keep calling and texting me every day at all hours, whatcan iI do to stop them?


Tomas Ive maded a deal with them after talking for over an hour.They employee suposed to wait till monday(we talkt wed) until i'll get all the info needed to make a deal. anyway next day(thursd) 17:35 Lowell Group buzzing me again. WHY NOT harrased him a little???? I hate liers!!!!!:))) Tom


KATHY Harrassed me so much about something that was my ex's that I had a panic attack followed by a suspected heart attack...just do not answer is my advice....


Anonymous when they phone its just a recorded message when you answer


Kimberley willett They keep contacting me over a debt i had with 3g which my mum paid over two years ago and they are saying it hasnt . I am a single mum i cant do with them stressin me out


pamela Lowell Finance, chasing debts from 8 years ago that are un enforceable by law

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