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0113 3086108 - Complaint Log

19 Complaints

01133086108 - 0113 308 6108 - 0113 3086 108


Millie I've had an answerphone message and now a text from this number along for a women whose never even lived here. The house has only been lo Ived in by us. I have used the bt number given by adamnski to tourn my texts off


Wernickes It's for a debt collection for a Lowell group collecting for a company called welcome finance. They were rude and said due to data protection they could even tell me the nature off the business. Eventually after a lot of arguing they told me. They had traced this number to me stating I owed them money!!!! I have never heard of the company they were working for! I told them to remove my details and not to contact me in anyway or I will report them. If I hadn't of confirmed details with them they threatened to keep sending me letters (what letters?!?!?) and to keep contacting me. Sounds like a threat to me. If any one speaks to the company tell them to remove the number and to a school of manners and to stop wasting time calling


J Bailiffs,


p matthews stop calling, no one of that name lives here


L Abram Urgent message giving reference number old name used changed 5 years ago. When questioned who they where would not give details only Lovell Group. Kept wanting my details to confirm who I was did not give.


CrimeFighter YES, This company is called Lowell and they buy old or paid off debts and charge the person the debt is 'accounted' to! Do NOT call them back or give them ANY piece of information.....Not even your name. They also operate from the following numbers: 01133086108 01132856550 01133086000 07891672094 01133086119 01153308600 08450260093 This HAS been verified by BBC's Watchdog.


Robert M Huskinson I received an SMS message telling me to ring the above number. I did and it seems to be a Scam as when asked for my details (The reference number that was included in the SMS) they had no record but asked for my details anyway. I did no give them any details but they the quoted my home phone and Mobile number to me. The weird thing is my mobile is a Private Company phone and the number is NEVER given out. Time these people were stopped


mr X yes just got txt they love to do such crap dont they well they do it to the wrong one to day me and a load of hackers are about to call their bluff we have their ips and we have their mac addresses now we can put a stop to all this just to let you know that we are now being called global hawk the hackers that protect you


Paul Smith Do not answer to any of these calls. A lot of rogue debt collectors use these numbers. For example, in my case 3 years ago i was sent a mobile phone, it came two weks after the 7 day cooling off period, it was a brokeken phone from Hutchinson 3G. He is a Chinese scammer, who has sold all of his illegal contracts onto lowell ltd. Even if you paid the full amount to 3G, they still sold on the contracts. Type into google about complaints to Hutchinson 3G and see the complaints!. Also in my case 3G recorded me as a non payer on my credit record, which, although it should not be there , i cannot remove it, the credit company experien , just says contact 3G, but they deny everything. All people, listen, there are Companies out there, selling on debts, wether they have been paid or not, onto scamming debt collectors. On the BBC watch dog programme, their advice was the best. If you get a call and you dont know who it is, just put the phone back down. And for dear Lord Gods sake, never give them your name or any details about you at all. This government knows it goes on, but they dont seem to care about it at all, thats because it makes money in the UK, and that is all the Government cares about. Lastly Bank of Scotland and HBOS are part of the credit reference agencies, so they are just after information. Orson Wells was right!


Brown This number keeps calling a minor. They need to be stopped

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