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0113 3100149 - Complaint Log

38 Complaints

01133100149 - 0113 310 0149 - 0113 3100 149


Billy Another annoying call during the day from this obvious scam. Normally between 1 pm and 3pm The number was got via 1471 so not withheld so manages to bypass Filtering. What can be done? Who knows or even cares if its not happening to them! Got to ignore, do not engage and just put the phone down. Sometimes calls from Indian sources are more annoying because it is a person on the other end just doing there job for pennies in India. However, I ask them to remove my number and put the phone straight down. If anyone can recommend doing something else to rid these calls then share it please....


Annoyed 61 year old Received a call from this number just after 11.00 am today. Female voice with a Geordie accent, which was unusual, as these types of callers usually have Indian accents. The caller described the call as 'Urgent' and offered me £1000 as an extra pension if I pressed 5. I put the phone down instead, but have researched scam calls and have found out that pressing 5 can link you to an international call charge. So, beware! We need to stop these calls which may well fool the vulnerable and leave them out of pocket.


Aunty Fraud If you think it is fraud report it here... www(dot)actionfraud(dot)police(dot)uk same for all unsolicited calls. If they leave a number report them and then the old bill can investigate :)


Anonymous This number called me today offering 1K bonus. I phoned it back but a voice message says it's out of service


Paul Tricki Answered phone at 16:31 on Jan 14th to hear a pre-recorded message concerning a refund on my pension plan for the amount of £1000 . . . . I kept line open for a minute or two then hung up. Scam merchant. I am TPS registered incidentally.


Dot Second time this number has call offering £1k bonus. Did NOOT press 2 or 5 to find out more. If my pension changes I am notified by letter.


Melanie Roberts Received call today ref. Pension and £1000 plus entiltlement.Not asked by name and told to press 5. Highly suspicious as I have no pension.Suspect it is a scam!


D C Barnard I'm on T.P. and have started getting numerous scam recorded message calls requiring me to press '5' or '2' or '9' lately. This call from 0113 3100149 this morning at 10.01 a.m.


Terri Again like the other complainants, I was told as I was under 60 I was entitled to £1000. If the other calls were received in 2010 why are they still able to call me in 2013, are these reports not investigated??


John Enfield Recorded message in Irish accent received at 16.11 13 Jan 2013 about £1000 pension bonus - press 5 to claim, 9 to unsubscribe - did neither! Called number, got American voice recorded message stating number out of service. Clearly a dangerous scam.

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