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0113 3902023 - Complaint Log

3 Complaints

01133902023 - 0113 390 2023 - 0113 3902 023


Tricia Someone on this number has rung 3 times in the last 2 hours but everytime I answer the phone I can hear talking in the background but no one speaks to me. I rang back but was given another number so put the phone down.


Caroline I have had two messages left on my answerphone in the past week, both so garbled that I couldn't make out where the person said they were from, but could hear that I should phone 01133902023 - I deleted them!!!


Andy This caller is identified by 1471 as 0113 390 2102, the thread for 2102 suggests this is talk talk. They called my number several times today and finally left a voice mail saying to call 0113 390 2023 at 18:30 today.

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