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0113 3902102 - Complaint Log

15 Complaints

01133902102 - 0113 390 2102 - 0113 3902 102


Neil Hi, I think this is a 3rd party company who calls on behalf of TalkTalk if you use TalkTalks website to check availability of their services on your phone line. There's something written underneath that basically says by using this checker you're agreeing to let TalkTalk contact you about their services.


Kate Ringing every day :(


Andy Brain Same problem as others here - repeated silent calls since a doorstep TalkTalk rep got hold of the number.


Paul This number has phoned twice a day for the past f our days and left silent answer phone messages with occasional back ground noise. I believe its Talk Talk but I am registered with TPS.


Naomi Brechin I'm also getting calls from this number. Often for days at a time, several times a day then it goes silent for a while and a message is never left. I've done the thing with BT where companies selling are not meant to be able to contact me so if anybody has any magic cure to stop them calling I would appreciate it!


Fed UP This number calls at least four times a day and I am fed up, plus i am registered with the TPS. People on here say its TalkTalk which have just taken over my internet provider coincidence or what. These companies should be fined or prosecuted for harrassment.


Jules Keep having phone calls but nothing left on answering machine. On the other complaints they say its Talk Talk, I'm not with Talk Talk and I'm registered with the TPS. Sometimes on the answer machine I hear sounds like a call centre just for a second or two. Hopefully one day I can catch the call and tell them to stop!


Jack This is Talk Talk. They just called me, even though I am registered with TPS.


Andrew This number has called 3 times today but there is no one there when call is answered.


Sandra Gardiner

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