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0113 3902113 - Complaint Log

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Simon Rydings Update - the company trades as OPAL Telecom Ltd. and was founded by Charles Dunstone in 1989. I received another call on my mobile this morning from the same tele sales agent who spoke to me yesterday (clearly not very bright since I told him then that I didn't have a Corporate telephony requirement). I received a further call after we spoke yesterday which went to voicemail too! This is when I lodged my original comments about calls from this number. OPAL telecom is obviously a company run by the clueless. Sadly they are also annoying and wasting people's time, but probably think the ends justify the means as I'm sure Mr Dunstone's bank account will prove.


Simon Rydings Telephone intermediary offering integrated telephone/mobile/internet packages to corporate customers only. They make repeated cold call phone calls to numbers even when the recipient has told them they are not interested or that they do not qualify as a corporate customer. The company abuses the Privacy and Electronic Communications Regulations and does not appear to allow companies to opt out from cold calling by their agents. They should be banned from operating telemarketing.

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