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0114 2018013 - Complaint Log

13 Complaints

01142018013 - 0114 201 8013 - 0114 2018 013


Jacqui Moore Capital Tax!! GGRR not sure where they got both home and mobile numbers from... very annoying...again calling 2 or 3 times a day on both numbers... GO AWAY!!!!


Big L constant annoyance from this number.. 2 - 3 times a day. let ansaphone take it as I screen all calls,,,, no one there and no message left


Dawn I am TPS registered but this company still keeps calling, mostly silent ones, but they just called yet again and someone actually spoke to me this time - a woman saying she was from capital tax something or other and asked for me by name. I don't know how to get through to this lot that I don't want their calls or whatever it is they are trying to sell me!


nate this number has rang me six times today 7th time i pick up, it goes dead. but i did find out this number is form Sheffield if that helps anyone.....


Dawn This number has started ringing my home in the early evening. When the answer machine picks up, they never leave a message.


Tricky Dicky Why bother to register with TPS, etc, these idiots just ignore it. As I don't enjoy full mobility and they always seem to call when I am at the other end of the house, I've elected NOT to receive further calls but it doesn't seem to make ANY difference and they continue to invade my privacy. My tip?, keep a loud whistle alongside the 'phone and give them a good blast when they do finally decide to speak. It probably won't solve anything, but it makes me feel better and hopefully conveys to the people responsible for making these calls, just how irritating they are. Alternatively, ask them for THEIR home 'phone number and threaten to pester them!


Ian This number has called us two nights on the run now at around 18:45, both times we have answered the caller has hung up. Very irritating. Why can't BT Barr the number


georgina the number has rung has a few times but they leave no message i did hear a load of people in the background when my answerphone cut in, it seems like a call centre.


Georgina This number keeps ringing and leaving no message who could it be? Hopefully they will stop ringing me soon live in hopes.


EK Hi there, Yes I have had calls, left no message. Who are they and how can I stop them calling.

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