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0114 2190220 - Complaint Log

16 Complaints

01142190220 - 0114 219 0220 - 0114 2190 220


anon keeps calling my mobile at all times of the day/evening. if its that important they get hold of you, why the hell not leave some kind of message on the answerphone that i have on my line??? its annoying to keep seeing notification about missed calls from this number, and do they not get the hint to STOP calling, if you repeatedly dont answer!!!! these people are dense.


Anonymous answered the phone straight away but they hung up as i said hello ! whats the point. next time ill keep them hanging on as its their phone bill


Michelle Been called several times today by this number. When trying to call back, line is busy. Finally picked up a call, only to hear the bussle of an office with no-one at the other end.


simon cassar Much the same as the reports below. Received 4 calls now at inconvenient times and was unable to answer. Line is engaged if try to call back. Annoying to say the least.


Martin Missed five calls from these idiots now. Number is engaged when you call back. Next time they call I will ensure that I answer it so I can tell them how I feel about being called frequently and at inconvenient times. As with all cold callers they are a waste of time and are only after your money.


Malcolm Dawes Phone call from this number asking for my wife who they stated was the British Gas account holder for our address when I stated what was this about as the account was in my name the refused to answer and wouls only speak to my wife as this account was in her name. Having ched back on missed calls they have rung frequently recently.


Sue Haigh Same as Dave - engaged when you try to call back...


Dave Ditto - called me on mobile at work, but busy when tried to call back!!!


Tony It's probably linked to the very similar 0114 219 0110 which was previously used by a Ventura call centre ringing on behalf of British Gas.


Jason Have received calls about 4 times in the last few days at work.

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