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0114 2565286 - Complaint Log

54 Complaints

01142565286 - 0114 256 5286 - 0114 2565 286


Richard C. they have rang every afternoon,4:30 this week telling me that the Guarantee has run out on something different each day. well sick off it. am now getting the same type of call from 0113 4677 769


HENRY THEY keep call me just about everyday. I have rejected the number, but for some reason they keep calling me, I don't answer as at work. notice I have missed call, its always about 1330hrs.


Alan Laver They called me just now, not for the first time, and hung up before I got my mobile out.


Nicola Sykes They keep ringing me about 2 or 3 times a day and it is so anoying another number is 0114352033,I have had this number several times about tax I did not wait to hear anymore shut phone off.


Carolyn They hung up when I answered just now on my talk talk mobile. I missed a call yesterday about same time and another sometime before that. It can costs me to check voicemail only to find there is no message.


Linda The woman had my name and said she was calling about my Volkswagen. I told her she had the wrong number. I've never owned one


keeley they ring me up saying they calling about my corser the thing is its not my car its my sisters car who the hell are these people. its definitely got be a scam get money out of peopl.


Dave M Caller stated that car warranty is running out and needs renewing. I told them I wasn't interested in taking out a warranty with them and have been receiving calls ever since where the caller just hangs up. Business must be slack if they've got time to waste calling and hanging up :)


Anon This number is phoning my Mother numerous times a day asking when she is going to pay for her car. My mother is 84 years old and has never driven in her life. They have rang her today asking for her bank details. How do you stop these people worrying old folk??


Pete A few calls every day for a few weeks. Give up!

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