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0114 2813976 - Complaint Log

13 Complaints

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Anonymous Irish : "All these people complain, why not just say i've sorted load out through the bank, thanks anyway and then they quite courteous! " It's not the case mate, I told them this about 6 months ago. They apologise and hang up. But then 6 weeks later they start again. So you tell them again. then you hear nothing from them for a while as before - but then they start calling again!! Just had a call from them yesterday. They may be "quite courteous" but they're also muppets who wont take no for an answer.


Greg Smith Twice ,three times a day plus in the middle of the night when your abroad!! Never anyone on the other end.This Co should be fined and prosecuted for their pestering and annoying calls!


becki Phone at all hours of the day/night. Sometimes there is no one on the line, other times keep asking for my partner. I would like to know how they got names and our phone number.


irish Bright Finance, can you confirm your postcode please! All these people complain, why not just say i've sorted load out through the bank, thanks anyway and then they quite courteous!


Pete Not only does this company, yes its Bright Finance, call on a daily basis to my land line number but they have also started to call my mobile number. This surely indicates that they have secured both numbers from some source that has undoubtably been given both numbers by some 'secure' 3rd party.


Keith This company has badgered me all day today. Luckily my answerphone took the call in which no message was left. I rang the number and it is a company called Bright Financial services or Bright Finances whoi are based in Sheffield. So if you want to complain, then plaque them with calls telling them to flag your number as a no go. Once you have informed them to stop ringing you then by law, they have to. Also put it in writing and send stating the same and send it by registered post and keep a copy. If they ring you again you can take them to court.


Derek Amory Telemarketing twats - it should be possible to take legal action against these time wasting idiots


Anonymous Dont know why they bother calling when they plan to just hang up immediately.


Anonymous Calls me twice in the mornning, four times in the night. What can I do to stop these stupid solicitors????


Anonymous I tried to call this number back and it was out of service. What to do?

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