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0115 8270506 - Complaint Log

21 Complaints

01158270506 - 0115 827 0506 - 0115 8270 506


stanley lewis My wife is severely disabled and needs rest - this rather cowardly organisation which hangs up when you answer and then does not bother to answer complaints- has rung two days and caused distress. What sort of organisation does that - is it reputable?


Gabriel They called me three days in a row, but I could not answer but when I called back I could not reach them. Also it was expensive. This might be a scam to take peoples money from call-back.


R Palmer Woke me when asleep. Line dead when answered. Call back frustrated by message saying ICS calls on behalf of range of clients. This is an abuse of my telephone. I have registered with TPS.


mr scott rinding my ex,s phone and asking for me.who are these people.wouldnt mind if i new what they want .someone gets a answer lease tell me.


Dave Whilst waiting for the result of a hospital procedure performed on our very ill 2 year old grandaughter, these pains in the posterior interfered again with a call at 17:50. Why is it not possible to legislate against these irritable companies?


nicolahardy think this a dbet company called dts keep calling threatening me with court action but dont actually owe them a penny


Anonymous Received call 09:07 this morning - answered, but no-one at other end.


Joe Had been getting missed calls from this number including dropped calls when answered. However, eventually caller got through and was fro a legit follow-up for Boots contact lens service. Would have been appreciated if messages could have been left to that extent for missed calls.


Simon Jordan Has now rung me a couple of times, the latest today. When I answered there was no one there, ring the number back and it goes to automated voice message about being from ICS and they will contact again if needed.


Peter Arnold Has rung me two days running and caller hangs up when I answer

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