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0115 8285045 - Complaint Log

3 Complaints

01158285045 - 0115 828 5045 - 0115 8285 045


Rachel This number has called me at least 2-3 times everyday for the past month!! After much annoyance I answered the call to say they were a debt management company call DMD (Debt Management.. Something) and would help me clear three quarters of my debt if the amount I owe qualifies me! Arranged an appointment with me telling me I would only7 have to pay a one off fee of £62 for paperwork and administration etc.. I had a dodgy feeling so cancelled the appointment when they call back to confirm it wall still ok... They are now constantly hounding me again!!!! pissed off is not the word!! I Have blocked the number on my phone and hope that works.. Sorry for the essay peeps but be warned... These are con-men! Do not be fooled!! I have already been stung, conned and ripped off of £300!!! :-(


terry called repeatedly from this number but they wont accept incoming calls. They are however affiliated with Flow leads media limited, call them on 02033448053 to annoy them directly. Enjoy


Scott Another scumbag telling me i due some compensation, told him to fuck off.

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