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0115 8712827 - Complaint Log

11 Complaints

01158712827 - 0115 871 2827 - 0115 8712 827


Mr F Knox Repeated calls in middle of night! just hang up if try to answer. Recorded message says to "press 9" if you dont want any more calls - hope it works!


Alan Mackinnon I have had this number calling me 5 times in the last week. I was asked to press 5 and did so this time and was asked for my name. I said I was not giving my name and the female on the other end hung up on me. They had transmitted their number and so I rang them and the number was not available, according to the recorded message I got. Can BT not do something about this matter? After all, it is their phone lines which are being abused.


Christine PPI call. Option to press 5 to through to their "call centre", which I did. I explained that it was a business line they were ringing and they had done about 5 times the previous week. I asked very politely for our company telephone number to be removed from their database and the very rude girl on the other end of the line just put the phone down... obviously a very professional outfit (NOT!!)


Trev Butler They rung everyday for the past two weeks, once you question, who they, and what part of Nottingham they come from, they hang up, but strange they do not withhold number!


Annie have had several calls, recorded message about banking


Colin Just had the third call from this number, they do not say who they are. First two calls were supposedly about problems with a Private Pension and being under 60, neither statements are relevant to me, and the call today was a problem about a Bank Account. Did not respond, so they hung up. Surprisingly though they do not bar their number.


Matt Cook Received an unsolicited, pre-recorded call from these people about reclaiming PPI. The message said to press five to speak to an operator - I did, briefly spoke to a man who barely knew where he was calling from, asked for my number to be removed from their call list and the person at the other end just hung up. Inspires confidence if you did want to pursue a claim.....!!!


Katy When answered, no-one was there. I am sick to death of these people calling virtually every day!! STOP IT!!


Bomber Now have phone on answer machine ALL the time. Tired and furious about all these unwanted calls.



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