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0115 8855764 - Complaint Log

3 Complaints

01158855764 - 0115 885 5764 - 0115 8855 764


Natalie Broome To be fair this number wasn't witheld and they asked for our BD Manager by name, but when I started to explain he was unavailable the caller said they would call tomorrow and as they were hanging up as they said it their voice got fainter and I didn't have the chace to tell them not to bother.


S McColville A man phoned asking for our MD or whoever deals with our company finances wanting to send us some financial information. Didn't provide his name or company details and when I phoned this number back there was no connection; the dialling code indicated unobtainable.


B. Thomas A man rang asking for my boss, was extremely rude when I wanted to find out where he was calling from. Then when I rang him back after he hung up on me, he was then inappropriate making lewd comments about me. I wouldn't suggest anyone answer if they see his number - clearly a man desperate for money and devoid of social and business skills.

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