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0115 9253832 - Complaint Log

9 Complaints

01159253832 - 0115 925 3832 - 0115 9253 832


Mike These calls are NOT from a government department, they are from a company flogging boilers. A company that breaks the law by using automated recorded calls without the receiver's consent, ignores the TPS, and lies to say that "all houses must be upgraded by" ... there is no cut off date where you MUST upgrade your house. Do not deal with companies that break the law 3 times before you even get to speak to them. It's simple.


John Getting absolutely fed up with this number ringing .... for the last 2 weeks rings at least 5 times a day sometimes twice within half hour !!


sandra Absolutely exasperated with this automated service. I have had so many several times a day. Same message as previous comments posted. Some show as ' international' ' unavailable' and the 01159 - which is the East Midlands STD code. Today I received 4 within a few hours. The last one showed as 01559. On a few that I have listened to over the last few months - that's if they don't hang up- I had an option to press 9 to be taken off the database but I continued to get the same message. I have even td them the property does not beling to me but it majes no difference. Today's calls have been excessive. More must be done to stop these calls.


Mike "According to the governments green deal database you have not claimed your free boiler upgrade" Give me a free boiler first, and we'll talk. Otherwise, stop making illegal automated calls to numbers that have not consented.


John Chapman Boiler nuisance calls. I wonder if this data is ever compiled and sent on to national organisations who can DO something ?


A Weir This lot take the biscuit! Phone 3/4 times a day with an automated message. Today I decided I'd speak to them and ask them to stop calling - they would only take me off their list if I first answered their questions (about boiler, cavity wall insulation and solar panels). When I got cross - what is the relevance of these questions o my request - they hung up with the parting shot that they would continue to call me. Dreadful!


Bob Harris Rings 3 or 4 times a week, recorded message about qualifying for a new boiler


f khan automated message, has been calling for months. normally number doesn't show up on caller id or 1471, but i got a new call block list feature (14258) added that gave the number as 001441159253832. waiting to see if the block works. however tried calling 01159253832, number doesn't exist. not seeing too much about the whole number after google searches too. v. dodgy.


James This number (listed as sheltered housing in the midlands) rings my office at least twice a day with an automated message. I think that the message details that my 'household' is eligible for an energy efficient boiler. At no point does it state the name of the company or how this information was acquired. I can only assume if I ring this number I will be charged through the teeth so it is ignored. However I am sick and tired of the call being made so frequently. It occurred twice within 30 mins this morning!!

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