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0115 9413838 - Complaint Log

21 Complaints

01159413838 - 0115 941 3838 - 0115 9413 838


Ciggyburn Just hads calls from this number twice within 5 mins, neither one answered just back ground noise. If they want to give me information WRITE TO ME!!! I don't give details over the phone..... an EX-DIRECTORY number I may add!


Toku No matter what service you are registered with, you will get a call as it is simply a computer that dials numbers for an area. Most times it will dial about 10 numbers or more, and the first to pick up gets the call, the rest are dropped, hence the dead lines. This site is just a 'moan' site, nothing will get done about all these annoying junk callers. Complain to OFCOM, the more people that complain to them, the more chance that something 'might' get done about it. Personally, If the number is 'withheld' or 'unavailable' or 'out of area' even 'international' plus numbers I do not know, I do not answer. Use a caller display and as all these junk calls are from a minority of numbers, you will soon recognise them and not answer. That is the only way to put these people out of business. NO ANSWERS MEANS NO INCOME. COME ON FOLKS, FIGHT THEM.


Ian If you go on TPSONLINE they have a complaint section half way down the left hand side of the page that is free and easy to fill in. write your complaint and see if we can stop this mind boggling annoyance.




Redfoot 123 2 calls yesterday, one rang off before I picked up, the second one I hung up on them.


andrew turner another intrusive call from this number


gillian c Ive had about 8 calls in 2 days from this number to my mobile phone, they either ring off before I have chance to answer or on the one occasion I did get to answer I could hear background noise but nobody spoke. I was astounded to find this website, I wont be answering anymore calls from this number!!


J P-C silent call. must be random dialing as only had phone connected a few days and NO one knows our number.


Gwyneth I have had this number call me on numerous occasions on my mobile. A few times I have been free to take the call but they cut off after only 1 ring. I called the number and heard an automated message saying that Jigsaw had called on behalf of Home Shopping Direct. So I called HSD who advised that they had no record of me and didn't know any company called Jigsaw. So how are we supposed to stop the bloody calls? It's irritating to say the very least!


stef evans i also keep getting calls from this number and i have an account with home shopping direct - ive contacted them and been advised that this is not them calling and they have no company called jigsaw

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