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0115 9614582 - Complaint Log

5 Complaints

01159614582 - 0115 961 4582 - 0115 9614 582


Alex Mulchinock Have phoned us 5 times over the last 3 days. Missed the call the first time, however, they did not leave a message, so I didn't phone them back (if they don't leave a message, it's clearly not important). They phoned again, I ignored the call and recognised the number (if they didn't leave a message, but phone back an hour later, they are probably pestering you [customers would go somewhere else or leave a message]). They continue to phone yesterday and today. I thought it might be a good idea to look these guys up, and thank god I found this site! Will definitely tell them where to go next time they phone.


Tony This lot are a nuisance and a bunch of half wits. I think they pick up contact details of newly listed businesses/companies from or elsewhere and then try to give the impression that they are some sort of 'official' body, suggesting you have neglected to 'register' your meter (electricity/gas I assume)??!!. Have told them where to go but they don't give up. If this is the only way they can generate business then they obviously have no product or service worth buying.


Dave Asking if we've signed a contract over energy when it is externally run offices in which we have a suite. Complete joke


derek b This company are a bunch on can men - they call them selves National Connections and claim that you had previously promised to let them know who supplied your power. They shouls be closed down


David Spencer Have received 2 calls now about registering our electricity meter. They then go on to ask you who you are with.

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