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0116 2293700 - Complaint Log

14 Complaints

01162293700 - 0116 229 3700 - 0116 2293 700


colin wills 10 calls on my mobile phone log in 5 days 2 a day blocked by windows 8.1 annoying baskets how do i report to regulator for HARRASSMENT ?????


Sarah Gillen Had missed call today tried to ring back, is permanently engaged, so now I can see why. Thanks to all for posting, I am disabled and it takes a lot of effort for me to get to the phone, nuisance calls like this should be criminalised. Sarah Leics


Mo 4 calls within a couple of minutes about "Government grants" Told them I wasn't interested at first call and hung up. They continued to call back another 3 times. I told them to "f*** off"! after the 4th call. Shouldn't do it but we are inundated with calls like this (accidents I haven't had, PPI for loans I've never had etc etc). About time this was made illegal!


Milton Keynes Call centre mentioning Scottish Power. When I interjected he said he can only stop the calls from his department (Scottish Power are prolific spammers despite never doing any business with them).


Mike Absolute Insulation, calling TPS registered customers, to sell insulation under the guise of being "Government Energy Advisers". Warning. Avoid.


Dendmar Keeps phoning me on a dialer. Traced call to company as below: 2 St Albans Road Leicester Leicestershire United Kingdom LE2 1GE (map) Tel: 0116 2226996 Website: Ring the number and make a complaint.


Darren This number called me when I was at work. The telephone logged that the number had rung at 3 different times during the day but left no voicemail. When I got home from work the number rang again and this time I answered it. They knew my name and when I confirmed this they hung up. Calling the number back just gets a strange engaged tone. I am registered on TPS. Set my phone to bar this number.


Sue When I get home this number is often the last person who called - it is VERY frustrating. I am registered for TPS, so if I should answer this one day I will ask to speak to a supervisor.


Fuse Yep, keep getting calls from these. Found this on google... looks like 'allume' are a sales marketing company who have very few sales skills!! x


Lisa I just got a call from them, answered it and it's about grants for loft and cavity wall insulation, she said something about the company name being Malume ('e' with an accent)? I went to pass her across to someone else, was literally 30 seconds, I don't think she'd hung up cos there was no dial tone but she just wasn't saying anything.

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