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0116 2492630 - Complaint Log

27 Complaints

01162492630 - 0116 249 2630 - 0116 2492 630


scallywag I work all day and EVERY day when I get home I check the phone for messages. If I dial 1471 the above number keeps showing up - they ring at all strange times but never when I am home! I don't know who they are, but when I tried to ring them back I had a message to say "Consumer Money Matters" had called and would ring back later, but they never do, and IF they do, they WILL be sorry! Just let me get hold of one of them! Grrrr


L Wilson Constant calls, at least 3 times a day, usually about life insurance, but I've stopped answering them now. They don't give up tho, thinking about answering and using a whistle to blast them, maybe then they'll get the message!


mrsgallagher Interesting...this number has been calling my mobile repeatedly for about a month. I have no idea how they got my number. I typed their number into Google to find out who it is. I never answer as I'm not interested in anyone whose number I don't know or I'm not expecting but I'm getting tempted to just answer and tell them where to go!


Trevor Dunne Who are these people that keep calling. We have no business with them yet they keep calling


Darren This numbering keeps ringing although this is a work place.


pam i was called ay 20hrs on 28th Jan and male started to ask me how I was and if I had had a nice day. Then went into his script about payment protection. When I told him I did not have any loans his whole attitude changed and he hung up on me. How infruating!! I tried to call number back to complain but just get a recorded message saying we have tried to call and will call back. Lets hope they dont


jjmmmmmrrrrrrrrrrrr Hard sell or what, I don't have any loans so haven't been missold PPI. This person on the phone attempted to know how I was feeling and wanted to send someone to my house !!!!!!!! I told him, no thanks I don't trust you buggers, He told me I couldn't go through life not trusting any company feeling like this otherwise I won't go out of the house. My word, isn't there anything anybody can do about these companies, surely there is a law somewhere, oh and yes I have misread or not understood what he was trying to say, I am an intelligent human being thank you very much in a very highly paid job!! What a cheek. Very miffed !!


Vetivert I have just come home to find that there have been 20(!) calls from this number today. This is simply not acceptable.


blondie i have call barring but these low lifes seem to get through, about time they found a proper job, por sods.


Tim Despite having told this company to remove my details fromn thier data base upon the second call received I am still getting at least 1 call per day. They ring on the pretext that we have had a previous conversation re; misold credit card cover (I don't have any credit cards) which is a plain lie and I resent deeply.

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