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0116 2612274 - Complaint Log

3 Complaints

01162612274 - 0116 261 2274 - 0116 2612 274


Siobhan Cunningham This number is calling my work number twice a day every day and the message consists only of a fax tone. They have obviously programmed that number to try and send a fax to us but they are calling our landline and not a fax machine. This is a university department in a university in Ireland and we want these calls to stop. The messages all have to be checked one by one in case they are from other numbers. This is particularly annoying when we are closed for holidays as obviously we are coming back to a mailbox full of these useless messages. I have tried to find out what company this number is linked to but to no avail.


Jeannie It is beginning to be very stressful, It has become a routine every night especially when I am already asleep because I work an early shift, I just wish it will stop but sadly there is nothing I can do except to change my number and pay the charges which is a very unnecessary expense. Are these people have the rights to harassed each individual for their continous phone calls.


Richard This is a fax nuber which has called me every da for the past two weeks. I have only had my landline set up for around 3 weeks. I have tried to phone them back but naturally just get a fax tone.

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