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0116 2626328 - Complaint Log

2 Complaints

01162626328 - 0116 262 6328 - 0116 2626 328


Joules Yard Woman rang and asked to speak to my boss, I asked what it was regarding, she said, "well is he there or not?", I said yes but I want to know what it's about and then she hung up. Surprisingly her number came up on 1471 so I called it and said thank you for hanging up on me, don't you think that's rather rud.. she hung up at that point


David Cameron I keep getting calls from this number (Amber Windows) the most recent call I asked the person making the call to remove my details from their database, upon this he requested my name, stated your not "THE" David Cameron are you, i again asked him to remove my details, whilst he may have been doing this he asked me to do him a favour, I asked what and he replied "TELL GORDON BROWN THAT HE IS A CUNT", I asked him to repeat what he said and he did so. I had a 17 year old student with me that heard the whole conversation.

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