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0116 2985748 - Complaint Log

10 Complaints

01162985748 - 0116 298 5748 - 0116 2985 748


Paul Recorded message saying we're owed a "bonus" of £1000 to our Personal Pension. Not very likely.


Gill Pre-recorded message about pension, doesn't give company name so know it's spam. I have only had my new house phone number a few weeks so know call not genuine. It's driving me up the wall as we must be on some sort of re-call loop and the calls keep coming. Would like it to stop please!


marie-celeste This number has been calling now for a number of weeks, but now it is getting really annoying as it is happening about twice a day, as soon as i see the number i know it will be a pre-recorded female voice talking about pensions, literally answer the call and hang up, how can i just block this number?


mr tracey Keep calling and when I press 9 to opt out of receiving further calls it cuts me off. Completely fed up with these calls as do nightshifts


Brian Lockey We've been getting so many nuisance calls we no-longer answer the 'phone. This number rang today. I have no business with the company concerned..nor any interest in them. I'd love to know how they got our ex-d and TPS reg.number.


Martin Keep phoning about pensions BS. Have asked them to stop numerous times. Still the same ring ring


John Ward Recorded message re private pensions - yet another, despite our being on TPS. Others have had same nuisance call:can you take action please.


John Stanley They called this morning. Very pushy prerecorded message saying there was a problem with my private pension. Spoke to someone who hung up when I asked for the company name. I dont have a PP and am registered with TPS so they should not have called.


Julian Holliday Second call today. According to their records, we are under sixty (FALSE) and so owed money from Pension - WRONG. Spam


Dave Lyte Keep calling us every day. Stop them

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