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0117 3142850 - Complaint Log

39 Complaints

01173142850 - 0117 314 2850 - 0117 3142 850


ian I run a business and these people keep calling me 3-4 times a day now if the number starts with 0117 I just don't bother answering it and my reject list on my phone is full. sick of tele sales who phone you up on a different number each time!!!! they phone anytime from 9 am till 9 pm weekends included getting so all im doing is answering nuisance calls


Tim Kirk I keep receiving calls from this number and once I answer they hang up. I called them tonight and recorded the call saying I am a business and I am recording the call and my terms of contract are as follows. Every time you drop call me you will be sent a bill for £20. Every time I ring you back I will be charging your company £10 a minute I repeated again these are my terms of contract, if you want to remove my number from your system that is entirely up to you, if not they are my charges. I watched a man on the news who did this and took a company to the small claims court and win. I will let everyone know how I get on


Lisa I have no idea where this company has got my number from. I have not used a comparison website for insurance or anything else. However this morning they have called me twice already! Very annoying. Can I block them? Reporting them here is great but does it report them to anyone or do I do that? I don't want all day pestering calls from this company.


Mrs M Just had very bizarre semi panting message left by female from this number onto my answer machine. Very strange i screen allof my calls and ifi don't know the number I don't answer. I also use a made up numbers on price comparions sites so HA HA HA to them! :)


MK This company is Brightside Insurance. Their address is MMT Centre, Aust, Severn Bridge, Bristol. BS35 4BL. Their direct phone number is 01454 635860. They have recently phoned me several times, always going to answerphone. Today I answered it. They claim to be calling as they say I got a quote from them 12 months ago for Public Liability Insurance - I did not! My number is registered with the Telephone Preference Service (TPS) and as a result I reminded the caller that I should not be getting 'follow up' cold calls. I have now reported their pestering to the TPS. My number is ex-directory and has been for 30 years. When giving out my contact details I always stress, 'no cold calling or unsolicited mail'. I suggest to anyone who receives an unwanted phone call to immediately ask the caller for the address from which they are making the call and also the name and contact number of the company on whose behalf they are phoning. I find that cold callers do not like to be asked questions but why should we tell them all they want to know - when we don't even know whom they are!


Sandi same as most of the other comments/complaints phoned my 6yr old son answered they asked if he was me he said 'no im ********* then they asked if i was here he said yes who is it and they hung up without saying who they were. Very rude!!! After searching for the number threw google i found this site and funnily enuf i just used price comparison sites for a car insurance quote 3 days ago so i assume thats who it must be. Do not understand y they r phoning 4 a start but also y hag up when u get an answer surely they have to pay for the phone calls they r making i know i will b as called them back 5 or 6 times to find out who it was b4 i googled it. Very strange!!!!!


kate this number cool to my everyday again I not ansver this number...before i havent the same situation only number 800.....something like that...


bill blogs and me too, but i aint never ans yet so haha on them


Nicky M 3 Calls a day for the last 4 days!! What can be done about this? Trying to run a samll business from hame, now resulting in not aswering my land line or mobile, but opting to call missing numbers back


male 83 after reading all the complaints etc about this number i dont think ill be answering it even though i didnt answer it

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