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0117 3724231 - Complaint Log

11 Complaints

01173724231 - 0117 372 4231 - 0117 3724 231


Adrian Constant calls to my mobile and landline both of which are TPS registered so that is an offence to start with. Use automated diallers that result in silent calls which they do persistently is illegal, it really is time this number was taken down and the operator heavily fined.


Liz Received calls to my mobile from this number but each time I answer they hang up. My number is ex-directory and I always ensure I complete the box to say I do not want my details passed on!


George After a few weeks worth of calls from this company I decided to answer, wait for the LONG pause..spoke to person on the other end. When I said I was having my dinner he simply said I'll keep calling until you're free then hung up! I'm on iPhone so will use app to block the number!


lynne I had a missed call on my Orange mobile today from these people, and I've had calls to my (ex-directory) landline from them in the past, so I have no idea how they are getting hold of my numbers. I never answer the phone to an unrecognised number & they never leave a message. I rang the number & got an immediate message & it said they are '3', so I assume it;s the mobile company. You can leave a message to say you dont want any further calls from them - but I;m sure I've tried the number before & been cut off & not been able to leave a message,, so good luck if you get through to them!


Met Rings me daily, once in the day and once in the evening. everyday for the past few weeks now, i dont answer as i know full well its a marketing call and even if you do say remove me from the list they never do. I never give my mobile number out to companies so its definatley cold calling, i am on orange and this is the 3rd 'scam' number as i call them that keeps ringing on a regular basis!


valerie seoane they keep ringing me twice a day, i wont answer the call, just want them to stop


Sarah They keep phoning my landlane and when i answer they put the phone down.


Sally Much like everyone else; They call me at least twice a day. First it started off in working hours, I answered one and told him i wasn't interested. Since then they've called relentlessly, even breaking into my evenings now. I'm on o2 much like a lot of other that have complained; is this a personal brand attack?! Can't we get O2 to block their number?!


Jess I haven't answered calls from this number, as I don't answer any numbers I don't recognise, but they have been calling me daily, sometimes two or three times and never leave a message which makes me think they are cold-calling - very annoying!


John Very annoying. Every time I answer this number the line goes dead. Can't this be stopped

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