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0117 3763854 - Complaint Log

5 Complaints

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Rachel I was contacted by these people who said they already had my card details from the previous ad. I never advertised with them, I placed one advert with Home Counties Times (which they never sent a proof and got all my information wrong) then sent my card details around hundreds of newspapers. Its a major UK scam. Fraud Squad are looking into this. If your money has gone off your account, you can get your money back. The bank are obliged by law to raise the dispute with the card provider. If money has been taken you can go to the police, trading standards and HMRC. have now opened a large forum due to all the people who have compained. This paper is associated with JPC or JGPC the publishing firm who do the invoices.Avoid at all costs


Sharron Called to say they are from a local paper and want to re-run the ad at suspiciously low cost. Avoid, trying to take your money.


Ed Just been called by them after we placed an ad in the local paper. They told my colleague they were from the paper. She was happy to let me believe they were until I actually asked when she said it was the Gazette. Told her I'd never heard of it and left it at that. Steer well clear.


David Called me today claiming to be from the "Gazette" asking if I wanted to re-run my ad with them. The thing is, that I've never advertised with anything called the Gazette.


Iain Buchanan These people call businesses claiming to be a publishing group wanting to run an advert but it's bogus, they'll take your money. Avoid

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