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0117 4545603 - Complaint Log

3 Complaints

01174545603 - 0117 454 5603 - 0117 4545 603


samirul she calls me 5 times a day.. bothers me in my education.. and swears at me for no reason. she dont tell me her name.. but she knows mine. she says im a bad person and just goes on and on. its annoying and makes me angry.. please help


samirul bothers me at school... she is a woman.. she doesnt have a life. she calls me and swears at me. i dont know her. please do something. it is a bristol number. i researched the city code and it said BRISTOL. SHE CALLS AND DOESNT SAY HER NAME.


samirul idiot calls me and start calling me names. knows my name and starts annoying me. he takes advantage and thinks she's a hard woman. i think this number is from bristol. she calls me 5 times a day and takes the mick out of me. she doesnt say who she is but knows my name. its strange

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