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0117 9022258 - Complaint Log

1 Complaints

01179022258 - 0117 902 2258 - 0117 9022 258


Michael Beeston Ebay Scammer I have been in contact with this ebayer throughout the process. I was not aware initially that they had not verified their paypal account but was in constant communication with them. I had also asked that they sent the coins stated via either special delivery or recorded delivery SEVERAL times yet they still sent them via first class. Not only this, they then stated on the outside of the envolope what the contents were so IF they had sent the coins and that is an IF, then they also then risked the contents being stolen/tampered with. I received in the post, an EMPTY envolope, no contents so I had lost £300. If there is any need for me to show proof of messages, I have all messages from this person saved. Also, they stated they only realised AFTER the sale that I had wished for them to be sent recorded or special delivery but I stated numerous times this was my wish. As a student, I needed either these coins for resale or the £300 returned. I have also noticed they have recently sold an "iphone" yet the feedback was left immediately by the seller and with no feedback. This looks suspicious to myself. It appears I have been scammed so I would like paypal and/or ebay to resolve this issue. The person involved has several contacts from what I can see, direct through ebay, "" and "01179022258" If there is anything else I need to leave, please contact me.

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