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0117 9273757 - Complaint Log

4 Complaints

01179273757 - 0117 927 3757 - 0117 9273 757


Tracy Fielding This number keeps calling me on my work mobile and again relates to all the comments below. It is so annoying and disruptive. I just hope no charges are made when connected as I have mistakenly answered it a few times! How can this be stopped?


Russ McGloin-Hooper Yes me too - this number keeps trying to fax my office landline and is really irritating and a constant interruption


neil pettifer this number keeps calling me on my home phone number and whenever i answer i get a fax tone. i cannot phone back as it says this number does not accept incoming calls. it will not give up and will continually call back over the space of 2 or 3 hours. i have been unable to find out who the number belongs too.


Lu This fax line 0117 927 3757 keeps calling my colleague's phone line. I beleive that it is a SPAM FAX LINE. I tried to send a fax asking them not to use this phone line to send faxes to but the line makes a dead line tone. This is really irritating when trying to work and cover for a colleague who is on leave to keep getting spam phone/fax calls coming through.

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