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0117 9377080 - Complaint Log

6 Complaints

01179377080 - 0117 937 7080 - 0117 9377 080


BILL Received a phone call today from this number stating that the person on the phone was from Merseyside Police and wanted to speak to my daughter to conduct a survey on Merseyside police. I stated that I have relatives within Merseyside Police and he couldn't wait to put the phone down.


Tracey Had many missed calls from this number, but eventually was in today when they called. Its MRUK - a telemarketing company. I was called as they were doing research for ROS. The guy was pleasant enough when I said I didn't have time to do survey, and asked that they don't call back. Hopefully no more calls.......


Ted They have been calling me every day, for weeks, never leaving a message to say who they are or what they want. My number is ex-dir. so how they got hold of it, no idea. I think I will take them to court one day.


Dave F They have just started calling my Business line which was transfered to BT last week the number is only used by my company not external personsv9z


Robert Hodgson How did they get my phone number which is ex-directory? Why did they contact me outside business hours? Why didn't the caller identify the organisation for which he works? What is the organisation for which he works?


Sue McNally I don't understand what they are up to - why put the phone down on me? What are they up to, who are they? I don't want them to do it again.

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