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0117 9719098 - Complaint Log

6 Complaints

01179719098 - 0117 971 9098 - 0117 9719 098


Christopher Rook We have been made aware that the company name "Policy Assessment Service" has been trademarked very recently. As a result of this we will now be conducting our research as The Premium Policy Service. We are sorry for any confusion this has caused between ourselves and the London based company. Just to be as clear as possible, we are not associated with Policy assessment service ltd or any of the previous companies that have used our number before 01/05/11. All the other information above is correct it is just our name which has changed. We are great-full to Mr Ian Scott for notifying us that the previous name was in use. The Premium Policy Service is purely a market research company and we are sorry for any inconvenience caused.


Christopher Rook Hello, I am an employee of The Policy Assessment Service. There is quite a bit of misinformation around the Internet regarding our number so I thought I would take a little time today to clarify a few things. First of all I would like to point out we have only been in operation as of May 2011 so any calls made before then are from a separate company. At the moment we are doing market research about insurance products people have had in the last ten years. We handle Payment Protection Insurance mis-selling refunds through Premium Claims who you can find at If you would like, you can check their ministry of justice regulation by visiting and entering their authorisation number CRM21513. We are not exclusive to PPI however as we also provide free insurance policy reviews though the CMBC group who can be found at If anyone would like more information about us please feel free to call our inbound line on 0117 971 6383.


Not Mr Morgan JUST RECEIVED A CALL FROM THIS NO. 2nd ONE IN 10 DAYS. Asked for Mr Morgan, Im not him, although my partner and her fathers name is... I asked who they wanted, I got, "uhh, Mr Morgan?" in a sarcastic tone. They have not got a clue. Sad.


Not Mr Amos Loans Telemarketers who asked for a Mr Amos by name. That was not me Complete Scam


Mr Dodd When asked where they got my number they were quiet and when I mentioned I had opted out via telephone preference they were almost rusde in the speed of disconnection.


B. Jones A company who want to ask you questions about loans and financial services you have used, say they are authorized by the Ministry of Justice. Try asking them a question about what they are doing and they hang up.

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