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0118 3111016 - Complaint Log

4 Complaints

01183111016 - 0118 311 1016 - 0118 3111 016


Richard Devizes Absolutely fed up with calls day after day from these mindless time wasters. TPS subscribers seem to be targeted too! It is high time for telephone companies to offer call barring to block specific agressive companies with limited intellegence targeting individual subscribers.


Dez Just got one as well. Frecking PPI claim company! I wouldn't mind but I'm a nightshift ambulance technician and don't really appreciate being called in the daytime by cold calling companies. I've asked them to stop calling, but they insist. Wish I had their address.......


Nick Scares my Grandmother. Can't seem to get rid of them. OFCOM needs to step up their actions... chasing PPI is as rubbish as claim blame people..


Michael Jarmulowicz I am registered with TPS - for years and keep getting calls from this number re PPI refund claims

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