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0118 3271517 - Complaint Log

9 Complaints

01183271517 - 0118 327 1517 - 0118 3271 517


LWM Have received numerous calls from this number. Have answered it twice and no one answers they just hang up. Now added the number to my blocked list but this is so annoying. Do they think people are all idiots who will take notice of their scams. Its about time more was done about this sort of thing.


Abe Frohman I too received a call from these guys inducing me to make a claim. I work in Insurance and played along with them finally quizzing them of whether they were actually responsible for damage sustained to my unattended vehicle as no-one had come forward or left a note. They had an agenda but i wasnt working to it. I will now give their phone numebr to the Police to say i was contacted by someone that believed that i had been in a motor accident, whilst parked, and will ask them to be pursued for not reporting the loss.


Claire I'm registered with TPS. Feeling really harassed with calls to my mobile. I don't give out my number and always tick no marketing if I give any details.


S wood Company stating that someone has admitted liability for my recent car accident. Uses my maiden name (married 2 years ago). Told them haven't had an accident and they say there must have been a mistake. Complete scam!


Sean LONDON Frequently get calls from this number on my mobile. I have a policy of not answering unrecognised number (and therefore have to have hundreds of contacts on my phone) so have never answered calls from this number, but it is highly aggravating.


G Williams calling about a car accident I supposed to have had in the last 2yrs & telling me there is money waiting for me. I have not had any accident


D D Taylor Calls my mobile every couple of hours. Not answered any calls as yet as my phone is on silent most if the time. If it is a scam call, then the number should be disconnected.


Darren D Taylor


David Bourne Rings up saying that you have money to claim from being in a car accident. Totally a scam.

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