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0118 3280930 - Complaint Log

2 Complaints

01183280930 - 0118 328 0930 - 0118 3280 930


mike Had a call from this company today obviously trying to sell me a service plan by telling me they represented Microsoft and that I had received a virus on my computer which my virus scanner would not pick up - needless to say I ignored them! There is a website which seems genuine but probably is not.


John My wife recieved two calls this morning from so called Microsoft representives saying that we had a serious problem with our operating system. My wife was very suspicious and asked for their phone number 01800456324 and said she wanted to call me first. After she had spoken to me they rang back quoting a different number 01183280930 and asked her to press the windows key and R. My wife declined and said she would ask for advice before doing so. They rang off. I am sure they will be back. My work IT department confirmed that this was a scam.

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