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0118 9124999 - Complaint Log

23 Complaints

01189124999 - 0118 912 4999 - 0118 9124 999


dolmanster this number calls my mobile and my land line several times a day and it's annoying to say the least as if I answer it there's no one on the other end


Kirsty Had a call off them today! Hung up pretty much straight away! It's bloody annoying to say the least. Can't stand places like this!


Dave Repeated calls from this number despite answering one. The caller said they were from the 3 Network and would not take no politely for an answer - just kept going despite me saying three times I wasnt interested. I hung up in the end but have had further calls.


Tom First call today, without withheld no. so i answered thinking it may be someone i know, again as with below complainants it was 3 mobile, or someone claiming to be from 3. Simply would not give up, insinuated i was stupid for not taking the deal right there and then. Very rude, cocky, pushy and generally a nuisance. had to hang up in the end to get shut of him.


joe They asked me if i wanted to change my phone contract form 3 to there company, listened to the offer but was not interested. I tried to tell the sales person i was not interested but after the 5th time the bloke was not getting the message so i had to tell him no thanks and i am hanging up. I'm allways getting people ringing me trying to sell me things but this was by far the most pushy sale person i have ever had the misfortune of talking too. If this person had been talking to someone who was vunrable it could have been quite a scary experience.


Ollie Called to ask me if I want to "free my mobile phone" (it's 3). How is calling it 3 times a day going to help, exactly?!


Andrea Clark Stopped one number.. Then the call from another number. Who are they, I don't want whatever it is their trying to sell!! I wish they would just Foxtrot Oscar...


B I have also been receiving calls from this number, on the last occsion it was live and was someone calling from the phone network '3'


annoyed who is this!!!!!! who is this!!!!!! several calls now its driving me mad know idea who's calling, but I wish they would stop.


Jan I have had them call me once a day around 7pm and did not answer. After reading all these I called it back this morning and its '3'... as in telephone provider offering good offers via a recorded message. I just hung up

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