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0118 9838270 - Complaint Log

3 Complaints

01189838270 - 0118 983 8270 - 0118 9838 270


Taylor Keeps phoning home and mobile phones, how do they get these numbers. On phone preference service but still get annoying calls


Alison Keeps ringing but when they get my answermachine it just hangs up with no message try returning call via 1471 and just get a messaging service. I am on telephone preference service so shouldn't get cold calls. My husband answered one of these calls the other day and was told they wanted to talk to him about his debt when he said he didn't have any and we were on telephone prefernce service so how did they get our number they just hung up - very rude.


Suzie Have rung me up on several occasions, when you pick the phone up it rings off straight away. I called them and there is just 'please leave your message after the tone'. I am on the telphone preference service. Really annoying.

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