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0119 2548652 - Complaint Log

3 Complaints

01192548652 - 0119 254 8652 - 0119 2548 652


L Stockton Numerous calls from this number, and always hang up as soon as they hear a voice be it mine or the a/phone. I have rung the number and it is not recognised. A right royal pain! I have reported to my provider but it is still happening.


SS had 8 hangups left on my answerphone for this number, googled it and found above complaint, we are already registered with the telphone preference service, so not sure why still getting this nuissance call, reported now with sky so reported to them and they tell my I can pay £3 a month to bar certain numbers, not somthing I am prepared to do.. what a pain, have re-registered for the tps.


RAB Same as I MC, number has changed from 011632549856 to the one above. Had 8 so far today and the night is still young.....

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